16.07.2018 Press Release Open House Festival for the 1st time in Asia Download .pdf PR#1 hereSee PR#1 here

22.07.2018 Press Release Official Presentation took place on July 20 at Ponte 9 Download .pdf PR#2 hereDownload Official Presentation HR photos here

09.08.2018 Press Release OHM wants you to get involved! Download .pdf PR#3 here - See PR#3 here

16.10.2018 Press Release Over 100 volunteers have joined OHM Download .pdf PR#4 here - See PR#4 here

01.11.2018 Press Release List of 50 buildings now unveiled Download .pdf PR#5 here - See PR#5 here

01.11.2018 Press Kit Download .pdf Press Kit here


16.07.2018 Press Release Festival Open House pela primeira vez na Ásia Download PR em .pdf aquiVer PR aqui

16.07.2018 Dossier de Imprensa Download Dossier de Imprensa aqui



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